Akron Aeros
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 93 in 2002
Most losses in a season: 90 in 1997

Akron Aeros
Akron Aeros

1997Akron AerosEastern League5190RosterStats473,2327,063
1998Akron AerosEastern League8160RosterStats521,1227,445
1999Akron AerosEastern League6971RosterStats522,4597,572
2000Akron AerosEastern League7568RosterStats481,0607,289
2001Akron AerosEastern League6874RosterStats485,5827,037
2002Akron AerosEastern League9348RosterStats400,1875,973
2003Akron AerosEastern League8853RosterStats445,6036,651
2004Akron AerosEastern League6378RosterStats478,6117,038
2005Akron AerosEastern League8458RosterStats455,0566,895
2006Akron AerosEastern League8755RosterStats412,9956,354
2007Akron AerosEastern League8061RosterStats355,3765,553
2008Akron AerosEastern League8062RosterStats342,8165,117
2009Akron AerosEastern League8953RosterStats316,8364,659
2010Akron AerosEastern League7171RosterStats261,5633,791
2011Akron AerosEastern League7369RosterStats266,2653,916
2012Akron AerosEastern League8259RosterStats256,4733,772
2013Akron AerosEastern League6873RosterStats295,4594,221
2014Akron RubberDucksEastern League7369RosterStats350,7045,157
2015Akron RubberDucksEastern League7369RosterStats340,9165,013
2016Akron RubberDucksEastern League7764RosterStats350,0775,074
2017Akron RubberDucksEastern League6971RosterStats343,3515,202
2018Akron RubberDucksEastern League7862RosterStats344,7544,996
2019Akron RubberDucksEastern League6179RosterStats340,1875,077

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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