Alpine Cowboys
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 48 in 2014, 2018
Most losses in a season: 32 in 2016

The Alpine Cowboys, an independent, minor league baseball team, played in the Pecos League between 2011 and 2019.

Alpine Cowboys

2011Alpine CowboysPecos League3426RosterStats12,035415
2012Alpine CowboysPecos League4524RosterStats8,520284
2013Alpine CowboysPecos League4024RosterStats6,850274
2014Alpine CowboysPecos League4820RosterStats4,836186
2015Alpine CowboysPecos League4226RosterStats4,725175
2016Alpine CowboysPecos League3232RosterStats7,068186
2017Alpine CowboysPecos League4218RosterStats6,912216
2018Alpine CowboysPecos League4815RosterStats6,600275
2019Alpine CowboysPecos League4116RosterStats7,420265

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