Birmingham A's
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 84 in 1967
Most losses in a season: 93 in 1971
Birmingham A's All-Time Batting and Pitching Leaders

The Birmingham A's, a minor league baseball team, played in the Southern League and Southern League (Dixie Association) between 1967 and 1975.

Birmingham A's

1967Birmingham A'sSouthern League8455RosterStats53,075764
1968Birmingham A'sSouthern League6674RosterStats46,356662
1969Birmingham A'sSouthern League7862RosterStats51,574737
1970Birmingham A'sSouthern League7365RosterStats39,787577
1971Birmingham A'sSouthern League4893RosterStats33,275472
1972Birmingham A'sSouthern League4990RosterStats30,841444
1973Birmingham A'sSouthern League5088RosterStats21,016305
1974Birmingham A'sSouthern League5481RosterStats22,897339
1975Birmingham A'sSouthern League6569RosterStats30,483455

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