Boise Hawks
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 53 in 1990
Most losses in a season: 59 in 2022

The Boise Hawks, an independent, minor league baseball team, has played in the Northwest League and Pioneer League between 1987 and 2024.

Boise Hawks
Boise Hawks

1987Boise HawksNorthwest League2650RosterStats71,3441,877
1988Boise HawksNorthwest League3046RosterStats67,5241,777
1989Boise HawksNorthwest League3540RosterStats127,5943,403
1990Boise HawksNorthwest League5323RosterStats124,2703,270
1991Boise HawksNorthwest League5026RosterStats132,6113,490
1992Boise HawksNorthwest League4036RosterStats145,1383,923
1993Boise HawksNorthwest League4135RosterStats151,0803,976
1994Boise HawksNorthwest League4432RosterStats156,9504,130
1995Boise HawksNorthwest League4827RosterStats165,2554,590
1996Boise HawksNorthwest League4333RosterStats164,2434,322
1997Boise HawksNorthwest League5125RosterStats154,8194,074
1998Boise HawksNorthwest League4729RosterStats152,4964,236
1999Boise HawksNorthwest League4333RosterStats132,8853,497
2000Boise HawksNorthwest League4135RosterStats133,7153,519
2001Boise HawksNorthwest League5223RosterStats99,8402,698
2002Boise HawksNorthwest League4927RosterStats109,6462,885
2003Boise HawksNorthwest League2749RosterStats104,1562,741
2004Boise HawksNorthwest League4234RosterStats107,9362,998
2005Boise HawksNorthwest League3442RosterStats109,7462,888
2006Boise HawksNorthwest League4432RosterStats108,8762,865
2007Boise HawksNorthwest League3739RosterStats102,8782,707
2008Boise HawksNorthwest League4333RosterStats109,0822,871
2009Boise HawksNorthwest League3442RosterStats103,7832,731
2010Boise HawksNorthwest League3441RosterStats105,6712,781
2011Boise HawksNorthwest League3640RosterStats98,8602,602
2012Boise HawksNorthwest League3739RosterStats91,1672,399
2013Boise HawksNorthwest League4135RosterStats91,3242,468
2014Boise HawksNorthwest League4135RosterStats87,5192,303
2015Boise HawksNorthwest League3046RosterStats109,9452,893
2016Boise HawksNorthwest League3343RosterStats114,4763,094
2017Boise HawksNorthwest League3739RosterStats121,4553,196
2018Boise HawksNorthwest League3541RosterStats126,1923,321
2019Boise HawksNorthwest League2749RosterStats129,8053,416
2021Boise HawksPioneer4743RosterStats128,2922,851
2022Boise HawksPioneer League2859RosterStats160,5823,692
2023Boise HawksPioneer League4943RosterStats162,9223,542
2024Boise HawksPioneer LeagueRosterStats

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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