Beloit Snappers
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 88 in 1995
Most losses in a season: 84 in 2014, 2015, 2019

Beloit Snappers

1995Beloit SnappersMidwest League8851RosterStats60,816875
1996Beloit SnappersMidwest League6967RosterStats73,5521,082
1997Beloit SnappersMidwest League6073RosterStats81,5641,227
1998Beloit SnappersMidwest League6475RosterStats61,108879
1999Beloit SnappersMidwest League5980RosterStats54,689787
2000Beloit SnappersMidwest League7164RosterStats69,1991,025
2001Beloit SnappersMidwest League6771RosterStats69,6821,010
2002Beloit SnappersMidwest League5782RosterStats74,0961,066
2003Beloit SnappersMidwest League7561RosterStats96,4311,418
2004Beloit SnappersMidwest League7268RosterStats96,6771,381
2005Beloit SnappersMidwest League6971RosterStats93,3991,334
2006Beloit SnappersMidwest League7464RosterStats84,5471,225
2007Beloit SnappersMidwest League7961RosterStats82,8191,183
2008Beloit SnappersMidwest League7167RosterStats82,4561,195
2009Beloit SnappersMidwest League5783RosterStats83,4801,193
2010Beloit SnappersMidwest League7165RosterStats73,4401,080
2011Beloit SnappersMidwest League6969RosterStats66,982971
2012Beloit SnappersMidwest League7763RosterStats68,867984
2013Beloit SnappersMidwest League7762RosterStats61,045878
2014Beloit SnappersMidwest League5584RosterStats63,505914
2015Beloit SnappersMidwest League5584RosterStats65,152937
2016Beloit SnappersMidwest League5980RosterStats67,975978
2017Beloit SnappersMidwest League6573RosterStats64,236931
2018Beloit SnappersMidwest League6969RosterStats64,574936
2019Beloit SnappersMidwest League5484RosterStats


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Latest News

Future Stars, Baseball, and New Promotions Highlight Snappers Fun-Filled 2019 Season
Posted on Thursday September 05, 2019

BELOIT, WI - On September 2, 2019, the Snappers put bow on the 2019 season and Beloit's 38th seasonof professional baseball at Pohlman Field. Belo...

Snappers Drop Final Game Of 2019 Season
Posted on Monday September 02, 2019

BELOIT, WI - A close contest between the Snappers and Kernels was blown up in the 5th and 6th innings in today's Snappers' 3-9 loss. Their loss wraps ...

4-Run Third Inning Cost Snappers in 5-1 Loss
Posted on Sunday September 01, 2019

BELOIT, WI - A 4-run third inning ended up being the deciding factor in the ballgame this afternoon, but not in the Snappers favor as they fall to the...