Corpus Christi Hooks
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 89 in 2015
Most losses in a season: 90 in 2011

Corpus Christi Hooks

2005Corpus Christi HooksTexas League6476RosterStats505,1897,217
2006Corpus Christi HooksTexas League7663RosterStats506,3987,286
2007Corpus Christi HooksTexas League6773RosterStats479,2896,847
2008Corpus Christi HooksTexas League5585RosterStats479,6516,852
2009Corpus Christi HooksTexas League6179RosterStats443,6286,338
2010Corpus Christi HooksTexas League6377RosterStats412,3695,891
2011Corpus Christi HooksTexas League5090RosterStats395,1285,645
2012Corpus Christi HooksTexas League8159RosterStats388,9275,556
2013Corpus Christi HooksTexas League8357RosterStats379,3955,420
2014Corpus Christi HooksTexas League6773RosterStats393,7695,625
2015Corpus Christi HooksTexas League8951RosterStats362,9685,185
2016Corpus Christi HooksTexas League8555RosterStats350,9645,014
2017Corpus Christi HooksTexas League6771RosterStats331,2424,801
2018Corpus Christi HooksTexas League8256RosterStats340,6074,936
2019Corpus Christi HooksTexas League6673RosterStats


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2019 Corpus Christi Hooks Notes
Posted on Thursday September 12, 2019

Split in two, the 2019 Corpus Christi Hooks season was seemingly symmetrical, with the club posting exactly as many wins in the second half as it did ...

Toro, Javier Named Hooks Player and Pitcher of the Year
Posted on Tuesday September 10, 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI - Third baseman Abraham Toro has been named 2019 Hooks Player of the Year and right-hander Cristian Javier is the team's Pitcher of the...

Payoff Pitch: Hooks Records, Torrid Toro
Posted on Tuesday September 03, 2019

With an 8-6 loss to the Arkansas Travelers on Aug. 29, the Hooks were officially eliminated from playoff contention. Amarillo and Midland will meet in...