Columbus Jets
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 92 in 1961
Most losses in a season: 89 in 1955

The Columbus Jets, a minor league baseball team, played in the New York State League, International Association, Eastern Association, Eastern League and International League between 1955 and 1970.

Columbus Jets

1955Columbus JetsInternational League6489RosterStats202,8542,652
1959Columbus JetsInternational League8470RosterStats204,1572,651
1960Columbus JetsInternational League6984RosterStats136,1951,780
1961Columbus JetsInternational League9262RosterStats187,4712,435
1962Columbus JetsInternational League8074RosterStats191,7302,490
1963Columbus JetsInternational League7573RosterStats167,1212,258
1964Columbus JetsInternational League6885RosterStats134,4481,757
1965Columbus JetsInternational League8561RosterStats197,6802,708
1966Columbus JetsInternational League8265RosterStats193,8812,638
1967Columbus JetsInternational League6971RosterStats148,3652,120
1968Columbus JetsInternational League8264RosterStats178,0032,438
1969Columbus JetsInternational League7466RosterStats153,8022,197
1970Columbus JetsInternational League8159RosterStats140,7002,010

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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