Danville Braves
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 48 in 2007
Most losses in a season: 40 in 1995

Danville Braves

1993Danville BravesAppalachian League3830RosterStats80,5392,441
1994Danville BravesAppalachian League2839RosterStats70,8562,147
1995Danville BravesAppalachian League2740RosterStats63,9052,130
1996Danville BravesAppalachian League3729RosterStats66,8252,156
1997Danville BravesAppalachian League3038RosterStats75,7452,228
1998Danville BravesAppalachian League3038RosterStats50,7111,749
1999Danville BravesAppalachian League3831RosterStats57,0441,783
2000Danville BravesAppalachian League3729RosterStats25,721779
2001Danville BravesAppalachian League3038RosterStats26,618832
2002Danville BravesAppalachian League3731RosterStats32,9811,031
2003Danville BravesAppalachian League3630RosterStats35,6211,149
2004Danville BravesAppalachian League4125RosterStats32,1941,073
2005Danville BravesAppalachian League4720RosterStats37,0641,090
2006Danville BravesAppalachian League4027RosterStats40,1311,180
2007Danville BravesAppalachian League4820RosterStats42,0161,236
2008Danville BravesAppalachian League3532RosterStats39,5341,198
2009Danville BravesAppalachian League4721RosterStats35,7431,083
2010Danville BravesAppalachian League3434RosterStats30,615928
2011Danville BravesAppalachian League3929RosterStats28,523864
2012Danville BravesAppalachian League3628RosterStats27,628891
2013Danville BravesAppalachian League2936RosterStats25,152898
2014Danville BravesAppalachian League3830RosterStats30,385950
2015Danville BravesAppalachian League3434RosterStats28,841874
2016Danville BravesAppalachian League3136RosterStats31,540956
2017Danville BravesAppalachian League3632RosterStats32,6341,053
2018Danville BravesAppalachian League3335RosterStats34,7661,054
2019Danville BravesAppalachian League3038RosterStats30,007909

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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