Dubois County Dragons
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 52 in 2002
Most losses in a season: 47 in 2000

The Dubois County Dragons, an independent, minor league baseball team, played in the Heartland League and Frontier League between 1996 and 2002.

Dubois County Dragons

1996Dubois County DragonsHeartland League2733RosterStats33,2031,107
1997Dubois County DragonsHeartland League2644RosterStats43,4811,242
1998Dubois County DragonsHeartland League3236RosterStats31,762934
1999Dubois County DragonsFrontier League4242RosterStats35,690892
2000Dubois County DragonsFrontier League3547RosterStats31,2701,009
2001Dubois County DragonsFrontier League4836RosterStats23,302597
2002Dubois County DragonsFrontier League5232RosterStats35,592868

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