Dubuque Dubs
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 74 in 1913
Most losses in a season: 109 in 1907

The Dubuque Dubs, a minor league baseball team, played in the Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League, Iowa State League, Central Association and Mississippi Valley League between 1906 and 1928.


1906Dubuque DubsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League6455RosterStats
1907Dubuque DubsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League22109RosterStats
1908Dubuque DubsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League6769RosterStats
1909Dubuque DubsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League6471RosterStats
1910Dubuque DubsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League6079RosterStats
1912Dubuque DubsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League6573RosterStats
1913Dubuque DubsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League7462RosterStats
1914Dubuque DubsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League6469RosterStats
1915Dubuque Dubs/Freeport ComeonsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League4876RosterStats
1917Dubuque Dubs/Charles City TractoritesCentral Association4054RosterStats
1924Dubuque DubsMississippi Valley League7051RosterStats42,477702
1927Dubuque DubsMississippi Valley League6641RosterStats
1928Dubuque DubsMississippi Valley League6360RosterStats

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