Independence Producers
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 103 in 1921
Most losses in a season: 105 in 1925
Independence Producers All-Time Batting and Pitching Leaders

The Independence Producers, a minor league baseball team, played in the Southwestern League and Western Association between 1921 and 1932.


1921Independence ProducersSouthwestern League10338RosterStats
1922Independence ProducersSouthwestern League7958RosterStats
1923Independence ProducersSouthwestern League4985RosterStats
1924Independence ProducersSouthwestern League4521RosterStats
1925Independence ProducersWestern Association44105RosterStats
1928Independence ProducersWestern Association6667RosterStats
1929Independence ProducersWestern Association7178RosterStats
1930Independence ProducersWestern Association7656RosterStats
1931Independence ProducersWestern Association7769RosterStats
1932Independence Producers/Joplin Miners/Hutchinson Wheat ShockersWestern Association5868RosterStats

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