Joliet Slammers
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 56 in 2011
Most losses in a season: 58 in 2012

Joliet Slammers

2011Joliet SlammersFrontier League5640RosterStats108,6102,311
2012Joliet SlammersFrontier League3758RosterStats104,0192,213
2013Joliet SlammersFrontier League3857RosterStats93,8751,997
2014Joliet SlammersFrontier League4056RosterStats92,9921,823
2015Joliet SlammersFrontier League4254RosterStats95,6732,036
2016Joliet SlammersFrontier League5046RosterStats90,4582,010
2017Joliet SlammersFrontier League4254RosterStats100,1602,226
2018Joliet SlammersFrontier League5442RosterStats88,1981,877
2019Joliet SlammersFrontier League3956RosterStats121,7302,536

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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Latest News

Slammers to Hold Open House, Toy Drive December 7
Posted on Monday November 18, 2019

Joliet, IL - The Joliet Slammers will host their annual Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 7th from 9 am to noon in the Hall of Fame Room locate...

Joliet Slammers Release 2020 Schedule
Posted on Monday October 21, 2019

Joliet, IL - The Joliet Slammers have released their 2020 season schedule. The Slammers open their 10th season at home against two teams new to the Fr...

Osby Pitches 10 Innings, Slammers Walk off to Beat Crushers 2-1
Posted on Saturday August 31, 2019

JOLIET, IL - OSBY PITCHES 10 INNINGS, SLAMMERS WALK OFF TO BEAT CRUSHERS 2-1Dash Winningham continued his hot streak as he got the Slammers on the...