Laguna Vaqueros
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 63 in 2016
Most losses in a season: 71 in 2003, 2005

The Laguna Vaqueros, a minor league baseball team, played in the Mexican League between 2003 and 2017.

Laguna Vaqueros

2003Laguna VaquerosMexican League3971RosterStats195,7243,559
2004Laguna VaquerosMexican League4554RosterStats195,5383,950
2005Laguna VaquerosMexican League3871RosterStats246,6174,525
2006Laguna VaquerosMexican League5059RosterStats280,0025,138
2007Laguna VaquerosMexican League5256RosterStats335,9316,221
2008Laguna VaquerosMexican League5257RosterStats298,7595,975
2009Laguna VaquerosMexican League5551RosterStats191,2003,677
2010Laguna VaquerosMexican League4562RosterStats211,8254,153
2011Laguna VaquerosMexican League4858RosterStats249,5484,799
2012Laguna VaquerosMexican League4863RosterStats176,7623,399
2013Laguna VaquerosMexican League5160RosterStats264,9424,343
2014Laguna VaquerosMexican League5854RosterStats261,3214,839
2015Laguna VaquerosMexican League5557RosterStats257,1604,852
2016Laguna VaquerosMexican League6350RosterStats285,9525,395
2017Laguna VaquerosMexican League6049RosterStats250,5964,396

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