Omaha Omahogs/Keokuk Hawkeyes
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 84 in 1902
Most losses in a season: 93 in 1898

The Omaha Omahogs/Keokuk Hawkeyes, a minor league baseball team, played in the Western League, Western Association and American League between 1885 and 1902.


1885Omaha Omahogs/Keokuk HawkeyesWestern League727RosterStats
1887Omaha OmahogsWestern League4166RosterStats
1888Omaha OmahogsWestern Association5548RosterStats
1889Omaha OmahogsWestern Association8338RosterStats
1892Omaha OmahogsWestern League3131RosterStats
1894Omaha OmahogsWestern Association6659RosterStats
1895Omaha Omahogs/DenverWestern Association5247RosterStats
1898Omaha Omahogs/St. Joseph SaintsWestern League4293RosterStats50,000741
1900Omaha OmahogsWestern League5153RosterStats
1901Omaha OmahogsWestern League6162RosterStats
1902Omaha OmahogsWestern League8456RosterStats

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