Ogden Raptors
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 54 in 2019
Most losses in a season: 50 in 1999

The Ogden Raptors, a minor league baseball team, played in the Pioneer League between 1994 and 2019.

Ogden Raptors

1994Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4131RosterStats57,7071,649
1995Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3238RosterStats56,6301,573
1996Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4230RosterStats62,1201,726
1997Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3635RosterStats101,2562,813
1998Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3838RosterStats99,4432,762
1999Ogden RaptorsPioneer League2650RosterStats81,3452,260
2000Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4134RosterStats99,8122,698
2001Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3638RosterStats109,3603,038
2002Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4035RosterStats126,7003,334
2003Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3541RosterStats126,7063,424
2004Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3540RosterStats133,8863,719
2005Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3937RosterStats131,3713,457
2006Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3739RosterStats134,9613,552
2007Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3441RosterStats130,2663,521
2008Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4233RosterStats138,5553,745
2009Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4234RosterStats146,0683,844
2010Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4431RosterStats132,7993,495
2011Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4135RosterStats130,8173,443
2012Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4432RosterStats123,6253,434
2013Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3640RosterStats124,6873,370
2014Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3738RosterStats108,5043,014
2015Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4333RosterStats125,3983,300
2016Ogden RaptorsPioneer League3838RosterStats124,2003,450
2017Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4729RosterStats128,3483,378
2018Ogden RaptorsPioneer League4630RosterStats129,2853,402
2019Ogden RaptorsPioneer League5422RosterStats146,2013,951

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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