Rockford RiverHawks
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 59 in 2004
Most losses in a season: 59 in 2011

The Rockford RiverHawks, an independent, minor league baseball team, played in the Frontier League, Northern League and Northern League-Central between 2002 and 2012.

Rockford RiverHawks

2002Rockford RiverHawksFrontier League4539RosterStats86,8422,118
2003Rockford RiverHawksFrontier League4842RosterStats88,5702,013
2004Rockford RiverHawksFrontier League5937RosterStats103,1402,194
2005Rockford RiverHawksFrontier League5145RosterStats103,2482,065
2006Rockford RiverHawksFrontier League4947RosterStats115,7762,463
2007Rockford RiverHawksFrontier League5243RosterStats113,9302,477
2008Rockford RiverHawksFrontier League4848RosterStats138,2342,765
2009Rockford RiverHawksFrontier League4450RosterStats110,5652,697
2010Rockford RiverHawksNorthern League4752RosterStats126,4322,873
2011Rockford RiverHawksFrontier League3759RosterStats97,6782,123
2012Rockford RiverHawksFrontier League4155RosterStats97,4531,949

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