Sioux Falls Canaries
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 83 in 1937
Most losses in a season: 75 in 1948, 1951

The Sioux Falls Canaries, an independent, minor league baseball team, has played in the American Association, Iowa-South Dakota League, Nebraska State League, Northern League, Northern League-Central, Tri-State League and Western League between 1902 and 2023.

Sioux Falls Canaries

1902Sioux Falls CanariesIowa-South Dakota League6524RosterStats
1903Sioux Falls CanariesIowa-South Dakota League4042RosterStats
1924Sioux Falls CanariesTri-State League3530RosterStats
1933Sioux Falls CanariesNebraska State League5749RosterStats
1934Sioux Falls CanariesNebraska State League5060RosterStats
1935Sioux Falls CanariesNebraska State League7240RosterStats39,300702
1936Sioux Falls CanariesNebraska State League7149RosterStats74,3061,238
1937Sioux Falls CanariesNebraska State League8336RosterStats50,000840
1938Sioux Falls CanariesNebraska State League4968RosterStats
1939Sioux Falls CanariesWestern League6652RosterStats
1940Sioux Falls CanariesWestern League5958RosterStats
1941Sioux Falls CanariesWestern League5156RosterStats
1942Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League5760RosterStats
1946Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League4168RosterStats
1947Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League7543RosterStats116,6831,978
1948Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League4575RosterStats63,7001,062
1949Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League5867RosterStats87,8231,405
1950Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League7055RosterStats94,0011,504
1951Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League4675RosterStats50,466834
1952Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League7348RosterStats87,1491,440
1953Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League5965RosterStats51,251827
1993Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League3438RosterStats86,1872,394
1994Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League4733RosterStats99,7522,494
1995Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League3846RosterStats102,3282,436
1996Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League4440RosterStats100,9582,462
1997Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League3153RosterStats104,5462,489
1998Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League3649RosterStats117,0152,786
1999Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League Central3748RosterStats118,7652,897
2000Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League Central3452RosterStats144,7833,620
2001Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League Central5535RosterStats123,8212,814
2002Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League Central4149RosterStats125,0772,553
2003Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League3751RosterStats117,9372,680
2004Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League3363RosterStats109,1922,275
2005Sioux Falls CanariesNorthern League3560RosterStats118,6112,471
2006Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association3462RosterStats120,5362,620
2007Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association5343RosterStats144,0253,001
2008Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association6036RosterStats150,8373,209
2009Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association4056RosterStats132,5292,945
2013Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association4258RosterStats161,1313,357
2014Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association3367RosterStats139,7842,974
2015Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association3960RosterStats132,2802,814
2016Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association4060RosterStats125,5912,512
2017Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association4555RosterStats113,5062,316
2018Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association4060RosterStats124,1272,483
2019Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association3862RosterStats114,4522,336
2020Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association3127RosterStats
2021Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association3664RosterStats82,9321,536
2022Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican Association3366RosterStats
2023Sioux Falls CanariesAmerican AssociationRosterStats

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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Sioux Falls, SD - Sioux Falls and Gary SouthShore combined to hit nine homeruns on Friday as the Canaries outlasted the Railcats 13-12 at Sioux Falls ...

Fargo Rallies Late to Clinch Series Over Canaries
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Fargo, ND - Mike Hart homered and Chris Hardin fanned five in his first professional start but Fargo-Moorhead scored six unanswered runs late to defea...

Sweeney, Henry Homer as Birds Fall in Fargo
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