Sioux City Explorers
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 75 in 2015
Most losses in a season: 62 in 2013

The Sioux City Explorers, an independent, minor league baseball team, has played in the American Association, Northern League and Northern League-Central between 1993 and 2023.

Sioux City Explorers

1993Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League3438RosterStats112,9713,138
1994Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League5228RosterStats140,2243,506
1995Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League4639RosterStats149,7703,524
1996Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League2658RosterStats147,0623,587
1997Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League5034RosterStats134,5803,204
1998Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League4046RosterStats120,1142,930
1999Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League Central5134RosterStats118,3332,752
2000Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League Central4441RosterStats105,8882,521
2001Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League Central4248RosterStats112,1152,607
2002Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League Central4643RosterStats109,3552,327
2003Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League3357RosterStats91,0052,068
2004Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League3957RosterStats120,6812,514
2005Sioux City ExplorersNorthern League4452RosterStats113,5902,366
2006Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association4353RosterStats88,4081,965
2007Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association4056RosterStats92,7861,974
2008Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association5244RosterStats87,6161,947
2009Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association4056RosterStats70,9781,479
2010Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association4947RosterStats56,4281,227
2011Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association5149RosterStats64,0001,306
2012Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association4555RosterStats55,6271,135
2013Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association3862RosterStats52,0521,062
2014Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association4753RosterStats50,7461,057
2015Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association7525RosterStats77,4291,647
2016Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association5446RosterStats68,2781,366
2017Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association4654RosterStats58,4071,243
2018Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association7129RosterStats63,4981,323
2019Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association5743RosterStats51,6181,075
2021Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association5246RosterStats59,8021,128
2022Sioux City ExplorersAmerican Association4951RosterStats
2023Sioux City ExplorersAmerican AssociationRosterStats

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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