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Shreveport Gassers
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 84 in 1916
Most losses in a season: 100 in 1924

The Shreveport Gassers, a minor league baseball team, played in the Texas League between 1915 and 1924.


1915Shreveport GassersTexas League6285RosterStats
1916Shreveport GassersTexas League8461RosterStats
1917Shreveport GassersTexas League7389RosterStats
1918Shreveport GassersTexas League3351RosterStats
1919Shreveport GassersTexas League8164RosterStats
1920Shreveport GassersTexas League8166RosterStats
1921Shreveport GassersTexas League7484RosterStats
1922Shreveport GassersTexas League5699RosterStats72,233932
1923Shreveport GassersTexas League5099RosterStats80,5661,081
1924Shreveport GassersTexas League54100RosterStats82,0951,066

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