Sanford Spinners
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 90 in 1950
Most losses in a season: 62 in 1949

The Sanford Spinners, a minor league baseball team, played in the Bi-State League and Tobacco State League between 1941 and 1950.

Sanford Spinners

1941Sanford SpinnersBi-State League5854RosterStats
1942Sanford SpinnersBi-State League6259RosterStats
1946Sanford SpinnersTobacco State League7148RosterStats
1947Sanford SpinnersTobacco State League8639RosterStats37,517600
1948Sanford SpinnersTobacco State League8056RosterStats29,374432
1949Sanford SpinnersTobacco State League7162RosterStats36,046542
1950Sanford SpinnersTobacco State League9044RosterStats19,686294

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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