Spartanburg Spartans
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 81 in 1927
Most losses in a season: 106 in 1940

The Spartanburg Spartans, a minor league baseball team, played in the South Carolina League, Carolina Association, North Carolina State League, South Atlantic League, South Atlantic Association and Tri-State League between 1907 and 1946.


1907Spartanburg SpartansSouth Carolina League3634RosterStats
1908Spartanburg SpartansCarolina Association4939RosterStats
1909Spartanburg SpartansCarolina Association4071RosterStats
1910Spartanburg SpartansCarolina Association5057RosterStats
1911Spartanburg SpartansCarolina Association4463RosterStats
1919Spartanburg SpartansSouth Atlantic Association3364RosterStats
1922Spartanburg SpartansSouth Atlantic Association6368RosterStats
1923Spartanburg SpartansSouth Atlantic Association7466RosterStats
1924Spartanburg SpartansSouth Atlantic Association6259RosterStats
1925Spartanburg SpartansSouth Atlantic Association8049RosterStats
1926Spartanburg SpartansSouth Atlantic Association7474RosterStats
1927Spartanburg SpartansSouth Atlantic Association8167RosterStats
1928Spartanburg SpartansSouth Atlantic Association7372RosterStats
1929Spartanburg SpartansSouth Atlantic Association5984RosterStats
1938Spartanburg SpartansSouth Atlantic League5482RosterStats
1939Spartanburg SpartansSouth Atlantic League5187RosterStats
1940Spartanburg Spartans/Charleston RebelsSouth Atlantic League44106RosterStats
1946Spartanburg SpartansTri-State League5287RosterStats

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