Tulsa Drillers
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 78 in 1998, 2019
Most losses in a season: 85 in 1986

The Tulsa Drillers, a minor league baseball team, has played in the Texas League, Texas Association, South Texas League, Texas League (Dixie Association) and Double-A Central League between 1977 and 2021.

Tulsa Drillers

1977Tulsa DrillersTexas League6662RosterStats96,0451,501
1978Tulsa DrillersTexas League5778RosterStats46,098683
1979Tulsa DrillersTexas League5875RosterStats48,844734
1980Tulsa DrillersTexas League7561RosterStats58,020853
1981Tulsa DrillersTexas League6865RosterStats155,8452,344
1982Tulsa DrillersTexas League7066RosterStats128,6681,892
1983Tulsa DrillersTexas League6373RosterStats92,3471,358
1984Tulsa DrillersTexas League6273RosterStats124,1601,839
1985Tulsa DrillersTexas League6076RosterStats154,5142,272
1986Tulsa DrillersTexas League4985RosterStats162,5292,426
1987Tulsa DrillersTexas League5284RosterStats170,9322,514
1988Tulsa DrillersTexas League7165RosterStats188,3752,770
1989Tulsa DrillersTexas League7363RosterStats218,7553,217
1990Tulsa DrillersTexas League6868RosterStats226,4613,330
1991Tulsa DrillersTexas League5878RosterStats260,8643,836
1992Tulsa DrillersTexas League7759RosterStats290,3934,684
1993Tulsa DrillersTexas League6669RosterStats325,1355,080
1994Tulsa DrillersTexas League6373RosterStats344,7645,472
1995Tulsa DrillersTexas League5283RosterStats321,6625,026
1996Tulsa DrillersTexas League7564RosterStats343,1964,974
1997Tulsa DrillersTexas League6178RosterStats333,0195,046
1998Tulsa DrillersTexas League7862RosterStats345,0975,001
1999Tulsa DrillersTexas League7466RosterStats351,9295,332
2000Tulsa DrillersTexas League6476RosterStats334,2074,844
2001Tulsa DrillersTexas League6970RosterStats314,9734,500
2002Tulsa DrillersTexas League7267RosterStats306,7054,578
2003Tulsa DrillersTexas League7464RosterStats273,1554,077
2004Tulsa DrillersTexas League7168RosterStats320,7334,787
2005Tulsa DrillersTexas League7565RosterStats335,0184,786
2006Tulsa DrillersTexas League7564RosterStats333,7634,982
2007Tulsa DrillersTexas League6969RosterStats296,0174,485
2008Tulsa DrillersTexas League5882RosterStats297,4094,439
2009Tulsa DrillersTexas League7466RosterStats316,3654,652
2010Tulsa DrillersTexas League6970RosterStats408,1836,185
2011Tulsa DrillersTexas League6872RosterStats366,2915,387
2012Tulsa DrillersTexas League7564RosterStats372,6245,323
2013Tulsa DrillersTexas League6870RosterStats393,6005,704
2014Tulsa DrillersTexas League7168RosterStats403,7326,211
2015Tulsa DrillersTexas League6277RosterStats380,7595,858
2016Tulsa DrillersTexas League6871RosterStats366,7345,393
2017Tulsa DrillersTexas League7763RosterStats374,9765,597
2018Tulsa DrillersTexas League7465RosterStats350,3965,230
2019Tulsa DrillersTexas League7861RosterStats374,5015,507
2021Tulsa DrillersAA Central6357RosterStats300,2705,089

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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