Wilmington Blue Rocks
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 94 in 1994
Most losses in a season: 84 in 2016

The Wilmington Blue Rocks, a minor league baseball team, has played in the Carolina League, High-A East League, Inter-State League and South Atlantic League between 1940 and 2023.

Wilmington Blue Rocks

1940Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League6852RosterStats
1941Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League6462RosterStats
1942Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League7957RosterStats
1943Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League7761RosterStats
1944Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League7464RosterStats
1945Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League8157RosterStats
1946Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League8753RosterStats
1947Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League7960RosterStats123,4911,777
1948Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League8256RosterStats102,1971,481
1949Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League7562RosterStats52,427765
1950Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League8256RosterStats37,550544
1951Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League8352RosterStats43,135639
1952Wilmington Blue RocksInter-State League7266RosterStats24,526355
1993Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League7465RosterStats332,1325,110
1994Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League9444RosterStats335,0245,235
1995Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League8355RosterStats358,4865,195
1996Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League8060RosterStats331,5624,805
1997Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6278RosterStats326,2014,869
1998Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League8654RosterStats320,5404,784
1999Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League7761RosterStats321,1434,588
2000Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6376RosterStats324,0194,909
2001Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League7862RosterStats336,0745,016
2002Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League8951RosterStats331,5454,805
2003Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League8060RosterStats315,1344,924
2004Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League7762RosterStats320,7884,860
2005Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6080RosterStats322,2874,810
2006Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6771RosterStats312,2584,525
2007Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League7562RosterStats306,4304,574
2008Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6971RosterStats312,3754,527
2009Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League8455RosterStats288,0944,723
2010Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6870RosterStats296,0414,554
2011Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6672RosterStats288,7384,512
2012Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6674RosterStats287,9924,235
2013Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6377RosterStats292,3194,429
2014Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6572RosterStats278,3164,349
2015Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6277RosterStats282,4374,153
2016Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League5484RosterStats276,1994,316
2017Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6772RosterStats230,6773,845
2018Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League6872RosterStats249,7463,842
2019Wilmington Blue RocksCarolina League8256RosterStats231,3253,731
2021Wilmington Blue RocksHigh-A East5264RosterStats78,6901,381
2022Wilmington Blue RocksSouth Atlantic League6565RosterStats118,7541,827
2023Wilmington Blue RocksSouth Atlantic League5575RosterStats

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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