White Sox
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 42 in 1988
Most losses in a season: 42 in 1990

The White Sox, a minor league baseball team, has played in the Sarasota Rookie League, Florida Rookie League, Gulf Coast League, Arizona League and Arizona Complex League between 1964 and 2021.

White Sox

1964White SoxSarasota Rookie League2931RosterStats
1965White SoxFlorida Rookie League2928RosterStats
1966White SoxGulf Coast League1731RosterStats
1967White SoxGulf Coast League2729RosterStats
1968White SoxGulf Coast League2137RosterStats
1969White SoxGulf Coast League2627RosterStats
1970White SoxGulf Coast League3624RosterStats
1971White SoxGulf Coast League3022RosterStats
1972White SoxGulf Coast League3427RosterStats
1973White SoxGulf Coast League2926RosterStats
1974White SoxGulf Coast League2326RosterStats
1975White SoxGulf Coast League2331RosterStats
1976White SoxGulf Coast League2330RosterStats
1977White SoxGulf Coast League3814RosterStats
1980White SoxGulf Coast League2241RosterStats
1981White SoxGulf Coast League4123RosterStats
1982White SoxGulf Coast League4023RosterStats
1983White SoxGulf Coast League3824RosterStats
1984White SoxGulf Coast League4122RosterStats
1985White SoxGulf Coast League4022RosterStats
1986White SoxGulf Coast League3132RosterStats
1987White SoxGulf Coast League3924RosterStats
1988White SoxGulf Coast League4221RosterStats
1989White SoxGulf Coast League4023RosterStats
1990White SoxGulf Coast League2142RosterStats
1991White SoxGulf Coast League3029RosterStats
1992White SoxGulf Coast League3029RosterStats
1993White SoxGulf Coast League3227RosterStats
1994White SoxGulf Coast League2040RosterStats
1995White SoxGulf Coast League3622RosterStats
1996White SoxGulf Coast League2040RosterStats
1997White SoxGulf Coast League2634RosterStats
1998White SoxArizona League2034RosterStats
1999White SoxArizona League2232RosterStats
2000White SoxArizona League2233RosterStats
2001White SoxArizona League2333RosterStats
2002White SoxArizona League2729RosterStats
2014White SoxArizona League3025RosterStats
2015White SoxArizona League3025RosterStats
2016White SoxArizona League2135RosterStats
2017White SoxArizona League3026RosterStats
2018White SoxArizona League3026RosterStats
2019White SoxArizona League2234RosterStats
2021White SoxArizona Complex2534RosterStats1

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.


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