Chick Craig

Earl Craig
Born: July 23, 1922
, PA
Deceased: June 21, 2008
Coaching Career: 1956-1978
Playing Statistics

Chick Craig compiled a record of 261 wins and 267 losses in his coaching career with the Maine Lumberjacks, Easton Madisons, Easton Madisons/Trenton Colonials, Wilkes-Barre Barons, Trenton Colonials, Scranton Miners, Binghamton Flyers, Binghamton Flyers/Trenton Pat Pavers, Trenton Pat Pavers and Allentown Jets. He began coaching during the 1956 season and last coached during the 1978 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L Win% G W L Win%
1956-57EPBLEaston Madisons291019.345
1957-58EPBLEaston Madisons291811.621
1958-59EPBLEaston Madisons281711.607
1959-60EPBLEaston Madisons28217.750
1960-61EPBLEaston Madisons271116.407
1961-62EPBLEaston Madisons/Trenton Colonials615.167
1961-62EPBLWilkes-Barre Barons1284.667
1962-63EPBLWilkes-Barre Barons281513.536
1963-64EPBLWilkes-Barre Barons281018.357
1964-65EPBLWilkes-Barre Barons1358.385
1964-65EPBLTrenton Colonials15510.333
1965-66EPBLTrenton Colonials28208.714
1966-67EPBLTrenton Colonials281315.464
1967-68EPBLTrenton Colonials12210.167
1968-69EPBLScranton Miners271512.556
1969-70EPBLScranton Miners523.400
1969-70EPBLBinghamton Flyers21417.190
1970-71EBABinghamton Flyers/Trenton Pat Pavers28622.214
1971-72EBATrenton Pat Pavers301317.433
1972-73EBAWilkes-Barre Barons322210.688
1973-74EBAWilkes-Barre Barons716.143
1974-75EBAAllentown Jets301614.533
1975-76EBAAllentown Jets27243.889
1976-77EBAAllentown Jets202.000
1978-79CBAMaine Lumberjacks826.250
Totals528261267.494 .000

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