Delaware Thunder
Franchise History

The Delaware Thunder, a minor league hockey team which played in the Federal Prospects Hockey League, began playing in 2019 and last appeared in 2022.

2019-20 Delaware Thunder (13-31-1) - Roster - Stats
2021-22 Delaware Thunder (9-42-2) - Roster - Stats
2022-23 Delaware Thunder (9-43-2) - Roster - Stats


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Latest News

Delaware Thunder File For Dormancy
Posted on Tuesday June 20, 2023

The Delaware Thunder Professional Hockey Club announces dormancy for the 2023-2024 season.The Delaware Thunder Professional Hockey Club will be dor...

Petition Launched to Keep Delaware Thunder in Delaware
Posted on Monday March 27, 2023

Dear Delaware Thunder fans, we very rarely reach out by email, and I don't think we've ever sent two emails in one day, but The Delaware Thunder needs...

Houston Wilson Gets the Call
Posted on Wednesday February 15, 2023

Harrington, DelawareThe Delaware Thunder announced today that Thunder forward Houston Wilson has been called up to the Reading Royals, a franchise...