Kyle Beckerman

Kyle Beckerman
Born: April 23, 1982
Crofton, MD
Position: M
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165
Career: 2000-2020
Division II and III stats

Kyle Beckerman has scored 41 goals and recorded 55 assists in his 498-game career with the Miami Fusion, Colorado Rapids and Real Salt Lake. He began playing during the 2000 season and has taken the field during the 2020 campaign.

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Year Lg Team GP GS G A FC FS YROFF Shts S% SOG SG%
2000MLSMiami Fusion211022001250.01100.0
2001MLSMiami Fusion10001200000
2002MLSColorado Rapids14501167200110.040.0
2003MLSColorado Rapids2824055229512290.0140.0
2004MLSColorado Rapids2925125730501293.4137.7
2005MLSColorado Rapids3025146038500244.2812.5
2006MLSColorado Rapids31317241428025712.32725.9
2007MLSColorado Rapids1313121919500195.3812.5
2007MLSReal Salt Lake1514212022402336.11118.2
2008MLSReal Salt Lake3030323845504456.72213.6
2009MLSReal Salt Lake25253242221003397.71717.6
2010MLSReal Salt Lake22212325154001711.8450.0
2011MLSReal Salt Lake2927393623611339.11323.1
2012MLSReal Salt Lake30294457236113511.4850.0
2013MLSReal Salt Lake2626462617700468.71723.5
2014MLSReal Salt Lake2828333819400496.12114.3
2015MLSReal Salt Lake2626123621903313.2911.1
2016MLSReal Salt Lake2727014827810430.0120.0
2017MLSReal Salt Lake26264040279203312.11330.8
2018MLSReal Salt Lake3129115025801234.3520.0
2019MLSReal Salt Lake2524054127900170.040.0
2020MLSReal Salt Lake10500111041040.010.0

Postseason - Scoring:

Year Lg Team GP GS G A FC FS YROFF Shts S% SOG SG%
2003MLSColorado Rapids22013110040.010.0
2004MLSColorado Rapids22004210030.020.0
2005MLSColorado Rapids33003410030.010.0
2006MLSColorado Rapids33026510090.020.0
2008MLSReal Salt Lake33001210050.020.0
2009MLSReal Salt Lake44019620140.020.0
2010MLSReal Salt Lake22003000020.010.0
2011MLSReal Salt Lake33003000040.00
2012MLSReal Salt Lake22000010010.00
2013MLSReal Salt Lake55018620090.030.0
2014MLSReal Salt Lake22002200040.010.0
2016MLSReal Salt Lake11001100130.010.0
2018MLSReal Salt Lake330010320030.00
2019MLSReal Salt Lake22004310010.00