Kevin Hartman

Kevin Hartman
Born: May 25, 1974
Athens, OH
Position: G
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 196
Career: 1997-2013

Kevin Hartman compiled a career record of 180 wins, 143 losses and 89 ties with a goals against average of 0.81 in his career with the Los Angeles Galaxy, Kansas City Wizards, FC Dallas and New York Red Bulls. He began playing during the 1997 season and last took the field during the 2013 campaign.

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Year Lg Team GP GS G A FC FS YROFF Shts S%
1997MLSLos Angeles Galaxy8400160000
1998MLSLos Angeles Galaxy292801090000
1999MLSLos Angeles Galaxy323200161000
2000MLSLos Angeles Galaxy262600191000
2001MLSLos Angeles Galaxy111100040000
2002MLSLos Angeles Galaxy181800020100
2003MLSLos Angeles Galaxy303001030000
2004MLSLos Angeles Galaxy303000070000
2005MLSLos Angeles Galaxy313100140000
2006MLSLos Angeles Galaxy282800061000
2007MLSKansas City Wizards303000081000
2008MLSKansas City Wizards303000160000
2009MLSKansas City Wizards303000142000
2010MLSFC Dallas202000010000
2011MLSFC Dallas333301030000
2012MLSFC Dallas3030000100000


Year Lg Team GP GS Min W L T GA GAA Shts SVS CS SV%
1997MLSLos Angeles Galaxy84483:0024080.9921123.571
1998MLSLos Angeles Galaxy29282544:002270390.921431037.720
1999MLSLos Angeles Galaxy32322870:0020120290.6115011811.787
2000MLSLos Angeles Galaxy26262422:001277270.67126917.722
2001MLSLos Angeles Galaxy11111007:00641140.8366484.727
2002MLSLos Angeles Galaxy18181648:001161200.73108835.769
2003MLSLos Angeles Galaxy30302796:009129350.751901493.784
2004MLSLos Angeles Galaxy30302655:0011810390.881641177.713
2005MLSLos Angeles Galaxy31312790:0013135430.92138946.681
2006MLSLos Angeles Galaxy28282520:0010126320.76120889.733
2007MLSKansas City Wizards30302700:0011127451.001591105.692
2008MLSKansas City Wizards30302700:0011109390.8716211710.722
2009MLSKansas City Wizards30302700:008139420.931531057.686
2010MLSFC Dallas20201755:001018120.4171569.789
2011MLSFC Dallas33332970:0015117350.711248513.685
2012MLSFC Dallas30302700:0091110420.93148986.662

Postseason - Scoring:

Year Lg Team GP GS G A FC FS YROFF Shts S%
1997MLSLos Angeles Galaxy2200010000
1998MLSLos Angeles Galaxy4400000000
1999MLSLos Angeles Galaxy6600120000
2000MLSLos Angeles Galaxy5500010000
2001MLSLos Angeles Galaxy7701010000
2002MLSLos Angeles Galaxy6600020000
2003MLSLos Angeles Galaxy2200011000
2004MLSLos Angeles Galaxy3300001000
2005MLSLos Angeles Galaxy4400010000
2007MLSKansas City Wizards3300010000
2008MLSKansas City Wizards2200010000
2010MLSFC Dallas4400020000
2011MLSFC Dallas1100000000

Postseason - Goalkeeping:

Year Lg Team GP GS Min W L T GA GAA Shts SVS SV%
1997MLSLos Angeles Galaxy22180:0002031.0084.500
1998MLSLos Angeles Galaxy44360:0022050.832115.714
1999MLSLos Angeles Galaxy66540:0042060.673225.781
2000MLSLos Angeles Galaxy55418:0021150.722520.800
2001MLSLos Angeles Galaxy77676:00322110.983219.594
2002MLSLos Angeles Galaxy66572:0051080.842920.690
2003MLSLos Angeles Galaxy22186:0011051.61138.615
2004MLSLos Angeles Galaxy33270:0012030.671310.769
2005MLSLos Angeles Galaxy44390:0030120.311816.889
2007MLSKansas City Wizards33270:0011120.441714.824
2008MLSKansas City Wizards22180:0001131.0074.571
2010MLSFC Dallas44390:0021140.622016.800
2011MLSFC Dallas1190:0001021.3364.667


1999 - MLS MLS Best XI
1999 - MLS MLS Goalkeeper of the Year