Matt Reis

Matt Reis
Born: March 28, 1975
Atlanta, GA
Position: G
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 196
Career: 1998-2013
Division II and III stats

Matt Reis compiled a career record of 110 wins, 98 losses and 79 ties with a goals against average of 0.88 in his career with the Los Angeles Galaxy and New England Revolution. He began playing during the 1998 season and last took the field during the 2013 campaign.

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Year Lg Team GP GS G A FC FS YROFF Shts S%
1998MLSLos Angeles Galaxy5400010000
1999MLSLos Angeles Galaxy1000000000
2000MLSLos Angeles Galaxy6600121000
2001MLSLos Angeles Galaxy161500110000
2002MLSLos Angeles Galaxy111000000000
2003MLSNew England Revolution5500000000
2004MLSNew England Revolution242300120000
2005MLSNew England Revolution313100212100
2006MLSNew England Revolution3232001101000
2007MLSNew England Revolution303001182000
2008MLSNew England Revolution282800081000
2009MLSNew England Revolution242400162000
2010MLSNew England Revolution141400010000
2011MLSNew England Revolution272701260100
2012MLSNew England Revolution2727000500010.0
2013MLSNew England Revolution121200141100


Year Lg Team GP GS Min W L T GA GAA Shts SVS CS SV%
1998MLSLos Angeles Galaxy54336:0021050.8924180.750
1999MLSLos Angeles Galaxy1010:0000000.001101.000
2000MLSLos Angeles Galaxy66559:00231101.0731211.677
2001MLSLos Angeles Galaxy16151405:00834220.9476526.684
2002MLSLos Angeles Galaxy1110929:00532130.8447332.702
2003MLSNew England Revolution55458:00131101.3123120.522
2004MLSNew England Revolution24232114:007107320.91134973.724
2005MLSNew England Revolution31312784:001678350.7516211510.710
2006MLSNew England Revolution32322880:0012812350.7318214110.775
2007MLSNew England Revolution30302700:001488430.9616912010.710
2008MLSNew England Revolution28282485:0011116380.921501076.713
2009MLSNew England Revolution24242160:001086230.641401148.814
2010MLSNew England Revolution14141260:00473251.1979513.646
2011MLSNew England Revolution27272430:0051210431.061591115.698
2012MLSNew England Revolution27272430:006147390.96133926.692
2013MLSNew England Revolution1212995:0070480.4837295.784

Postseason - Scoring:

Year Lg Team GP GS G A FC FS YROFF Shts S%
2000MLSLos Angeles Galaxy1000000000
2004MLSNew England Revolution3300210000
2005MLSNew England Revolution4400030000
2006MLSNew England Revolution4400020000
2007MLSNew England Revolution4400020000
2008MLSNew England Revolution2200000000
2009MLSNew England Revolution2200000000
2013MLSNew England Revolution2200000000

Postseason - Goalkeeping:

Year Lg Team GP GS Min W L T GA GAA Shts SVS SV%
2000MLSLos Angeles Galaxy1051:0010000.0000
2004MLSNew England Revolution33300:0010240.801712.706
2005MLSNew England Revolution44390:0022030.462722.815
2006MLSNew England Revolution44420:0021130.432017.850
2007MLSNew England Revolution44360:0021120.332724.889
2008MLSNew England Revolution22180:0001131.00138.615
2009MLSNew England Revolution22180:0011031.001511.733
2013MLSNew England Revolution22209:0011041.15149.643


2013 - MLS MLS Humanitarian of the Year