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Meadowbrook Park

Also Known As: Cambria Park; Griffith Park
Location: Greenville, SC
27 Mayberry Road (3B) & the Reedy River (across the RR tracks from RF), near S. Hudson.
Capacity: 6,500 (1939); 5,000 (1961); 6,000 (1971)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 340-420-315 (1939); 310-435-310 (1971)
Meadowbrook Field was renovated after a fire in 1948. The park was again struck by fire in February 1972, and the team played some of its home games in Spartanburg. The town jail and convict labor camp were in front of the ball park.
Used by: Greenville Spinners, Greenville Braves, Greenville Mets, Greenville Red Sox, Greenville Rangers

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Meadowbrook Park:

1972Greenville RangersWestern Carolinas League715711,481179RosterStats
1971Greenville Red SoxWestern Carolinas League626341,402662RosterStats
1970Greenville Red SoxWestern Carolinas League775246,245717RosterStats
1969Greenville Red SoxWestern Carolinas League566852,991855RosterStats
1968Greenville Red SoxWestern Carolinas League685459,368973RosterStats
1967Greenville Red SoxWestern Carolinas League596143,053718RosterStats
1966Greenville MetsWestern Carolinas League864059,078938RosterStats
1965Greenville MetsWestern Carolinas League448030,250488RosterStats
1964Greenville BravesWestern Carolinas League636326,007413RosterStats
1963Greenville BravesWestern Carolinas League596542,002677RosterStats
1962Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League657559,024843RosterStats
1961Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League7266100,1681,452RosterStats
1955Greenville SpinnersTri-State League605550,813884RosterStats
1954Greenville SpinnersTri-State League687289,5951,280RosterStats
1952Greenville SpinnersTri-State League637664,704931RosterStats
1951Greenville SpinnersTri-State League389837,564552RosterStats
1950Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League688554,785716RosterStats
1949Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League8272104,5051,357RosterStats
1948Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League8469122,2871,599RosterStats
1947Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League7777130,2051,691RosterStats
1946Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League7662RosterStats
1942Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League6174RosterStats
1941Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League6077RosterStats
1940Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League7772RosterStats
1939Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League6476RosterStats
1938Greenville SpinnersSouth Atlantic League5383RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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