League Park

Also Known As: Red Bird Park 1934
Location: Huntington, WV
Virginia Avenue at the end of 8th Street; Ohio River just beyond the outfield.
Capacity: 3,000, 4,000 (1939)
A 1931 map shows a grandstand, but no bleacher sections. By 1950, a National Guard field artillery storage area occupied the site.
Used by: Huntington, Huntington Blue Sox, Chillicothe Babes/Huntington/Maysville Angels, Huntington Boosters, Huntington Red Birds, Huntington Bees

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at League Park:

1939Huntington BoostersMountain State League6661RosterStats
1938Huntington BeesMountain State League5066RosterStats
1937Huntington BoostersMountain State League2358RosterStats
1936Huntington Red BirdsMiddle Atlantic League6069RosterStats
1935Huntington Red BirdsMiddle Atlantic League6058RosterStats
1934Huntington Red BirdsMiddle Atlantic League6953RosterStats
1933Huntington BoostersMiddle Atlantic League4689RosterStats
1932Huntington Red BirdsMiddle Atlantic League4580RosterStats
1931Huntington BoostersMiddle Atlantic League6862RosterStats
1916Huntington Blue SoxOhio State League2238RosterStats
1915Chillicothe Babes/Huntington/Maysville AngelsOhio State League5855RosterStats
1914Huntington Blue SoxOhio State League3947RosterStats
1913Huntington Blue SoxOhio State League6868RosterStats
1912Huntington Blue SoxMountain States League2720RosterStats
1911Huntington Blue SoxMountain States League6350RosterStats
1910HuntingtonVirginia Valley League6142RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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