McNulty Park

Location: Tulsa, OK
E. 10th Street & Elgin Avenue.
Capacity: 5,000 (1919); 7,000 (1920)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 254-320-274
McNulty Stadium was built in just 22 days in 1919. The park, on a hilltop, blew down during a tornado, and was razed in 1930. It was a 90-yard football stadium for the University of Tulsa. There was a home run pole in LCF; batted balls clearing the field in fair territory were ground-rule doubles. Lyman Lamb hit 100 two-baggers in 1924. The site is currently a commercial Indian artifacts center.
Used by: Tulsa Oilers

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at McNulty Park:

1929Tulsa OilersWestern League9566145,0001,801RosterStats
1928Tulsa OilersWestern League966948,000582RosterStats
1927Tulsa OilersWestern League10153140,0001,818RosterStats
1926Tulsa OilersWestern League8678130,0001,585RosterStats
1925Tulsa OilersWestern League7591130,0001,566RosterStats
1924Tulsa OilersWestern League9869135,0001,617RosterStats
1923Tulsa OilersWestern League10167144,2281,717RosterStats
1922Tulsa OilersWestern League10364135,0001,617RosterStats
1921Tulsa OilersWestern League65103104,9751,250RosterStats
1920Tulsa OilersWestern League9261110,0001,438RosterStats
1919Tulsa OilersWestern League7763100,0001,429RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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