Lost Ball Pond Ballpark

Also Known As: Newfield Park
Location: Bridgeport, CT
Eagle (3B) & Newfield (LF), near Seaview Avenue.
Capacity: 4,000 (1919); 5,000 (1941)
A 1913 map shows a base ball park next to a large pond. The park had a good-sized grandstand, with bleacher sections down each base line. The catcher faced NNE. The 1B area of the park was irregularly-shaped, fitting into the contours of the pond, which was less than 50 feet away at any point from home plate to dead RF. At some points, the water was just 10 feet away. Thus, any foul pop or foul fly to the right ran a major risk of landing in the pond. The pond was aptly named Lost Ball Pond. Today it is called Newfield Park. Baseball played at the site since 1898.
Used by: Bridgeport Orators, Bridgeport Mechanics, Bridgeport Crossmen, Bridgeport Bolts, Bridgeport Hustlers, Bridgeport Americans, Bridgeport Bears, Bridgeport Bees

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Lost Ball Pond Ballpark:

1941Bridgeport BeesInter-State League4779RosterStats
1932Bridgeport BearsEastern League3342RosterStats
1931Bridgeport BearsEastern League8160RosterStats
1930Bridgeport BearsEastern League917475,000909RosterStats
1929Bridgeport BearsEastern League9163RosterStats
1928Bridgeport BearsEastern League7776RosterStats
1927Bridgeport BearsEastern League8470RosterStats
1926Bridgeport BearsEastern League9163RosterStats
1925Bridgeport BearsEastern League7678RosterStats
1924Bridgeport BearsEastern League6588RosterStats
1923Bridgeport AmericansEastern League7181RosterStats
1922Bridgeport AmericansEastern League7873RosterStats
1921Bridgeport AmericansEastern League8566RosterStats
1920Bridgeport AmericansEastern League7070RosterStats
1919Bridgeport AmericansEastern League5947RosterStats
1918Bridgeport AmericansEastern League4412RosterStats
1917Bridgeport AmericansEastern League5052RosterStats
1916Bridgeport HustlersEastern League4478RosterStats
1914Bridgeport BoltsEastern Association6756RosterStats
1913Bridgeport CrossmenEastern Association6963RosterStats
1912Bridgeport OratorsConnecticut State League6155RosterStats
1911Bridgeport OratorsConnecticut State League7147RosterStats
1910Bridgeport MechanicsConnecticut State League6752RosterStats
1909Bridgeport OratorsConnecticut State League4478RosterStats
1908Bridgeport OratorsConnecticut State League5571RosterStats
1907Bridgeport OratorsConnecticut State League4875RosterStats
1906Bridgeport OratorsConnecticut State League5472RosterStats
1905Bridgeport OratorsConnecticut State League6449RosterStats
1904Bridgeport OratorsConnecticut State League7145RosterStats
1903Bridgeport OratorsConnecticut State League5947RosterStats
1902Bridgeport OratorsConnecticut State League535933,700602RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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