Chukchanksi Park

Also Known As: Grizzly Stadium 2002
Location: Fresno, CA
1800 Tulare Street (Tulare & H Streets).
Capacity: 15,500; 12,500 (2003)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 324-402-335; 324-385-400-385-335 (2003)
After opening its gates on May 1, 2002, Chukchansi Park has become the crown jewel of Downtown Fresno, standing as one of the most beautiful and modern facilities in the country. The stadium was designed by HOK Architects.
Used by: Fresno Grizzlies

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Chukchanksi Park:

2018Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League8257405,4035,833RosterStats
2017Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League7765439,3896,189RosterStats
2016Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League7370439,3896,145RosterStats
2015Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League8459458,4316,412RosterStats
2014Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League6876467,8626,498RosterStats
2013Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League6875487,6366,820RosterStats
2012Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League7470471,6866,551RosterStats
2011Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League6579494,0516,862RosterStats
2010Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League7569481,6066,689RosterStats
2009Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League7173480,6276,675RosterStats
2008Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League6776526,7547,367RosterStats
2007Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League7767520,0937,224RosterStats
2006Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League6183499,5956,939RosterStats
2005Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League6876495,7916,886RosterStats
2004Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League6282531,0407,376RosterStats
2003Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League5588522,1747,303RosterStats
2002Fresno GrizzliesPacific Coast League5787563,0797,821RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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