1898 St. Louis Browns Roster

National League (NL)
Team Record: 39-111
Finished 12th in the NL
Attendance: 154,600, Avg. 2,863
Ballpark: Robison Field
Manager: Tim Hurst (39-111)
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
1898 St. Louis Browns Statistics
1898 St. Louis Browns Results

The St. Louis Browns of the National League ended the 1898 season with a record of 39 wins and 111 losses, finishing twelfth in the NL.

The Browns scored 571 runs, worst in the league, and gave up 929 runs. Lave Cross drove in 79 runs and topped hitters with significant playing time by hitting .317. Jack Taylor led the team with 15 wins and a team-best 3.90 ERA, best among regularly-used pitchers.

Tim Hurst coached the team.

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Player Pos. Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Lou BierbauerPLRSeptember 28, 18655'8"140Erie, PA USA
John CallahanPOctober 3, 18740'0"0Freeport, IL USA
Kid CarseyPLROctober 22, 18725'7"168New York, NY USA
Jack ClementsPLLJuly 24, 18645'8"204Philadelphia, PA USA
Jack CrooksPRRNovember 9, 18655'10"170St. Paul, MN USA
Lave CrossPRRMay 12, 18665'8"155Milwaukee, WI USA
Pete DanielsPLLApril 8, 18645'8"160County Cavan, Ireland
George DeckerPLLJune 1, 18666'1"180York, PA USA
Jim DonnellyPRRJuly 19, 18655'10"155New Haven, CT USA
Tommy DowdPRRApril 20, 18695'8"173Holyoke, MA USA
Duke EsperPLJuly 28, 18675'11"185Salem, NJ USA
Joe GannonPFebruary 22, 18770'0"160St. Louis, MO USA
George GillpatrickPRRFebruary 28, 18756'0"210Holden, MO USA
Russ HallPLLSeptember 29, 18715'10"170Shelbyville, KY USA
Dick HarleyPLRSeptember 25, 18725'10"165Philadelphia, PA USA
Ducky HolmesPLRJanuary 28, 18695'6"170Des Moines, IA USA
Jim HugheyPRMarch 8, 18696'0"0Wakeshma, MI USA
Tom KinslowPRRJanuary 12, 18665'10"160Washington, DC USA
Mike MahoneyPRDecember 5, 18736'4"220Boston, MA USA
Harry MaupinPRJuly 11, 18725'7"150Wellsville, MO USA
Joe QuinnPRRDecember 24, 18625'7"158Ipswich, Queensland Australia
Germany SmithPRRApril 20, 18596'0"175Pittsburgh, PA USA
Tom SmithPRLDecember 5, 18715'7"165Boston, MA USA
Jake StenzelPRRJune 24, 18675'10"168Cincinnati, OH USA
Willie SudhoffPRRSeptember 17, 18745'7"165St. Louis, MO USA
Joe SugdenPBRJuly 31, 18705'10"180Philadelphia, PA USA
Suter SullivanPOctober 14, 18726'0"170Baltimore, MD USA
Jack TaylorPRRMay 23, 18736'1"190Sandy Hill, MD USA
Tommy TuckerPBROctober 28, 18635'11"165Holyoke, MA USA
Tuck TurnerPBLFebruary 13, 18675'6"155West New Brighton, NY USA