John McGraw

John Joseph McGraw
Born: April 7, 1873
Truxton, NY USA
Deceased: February 25, 1934
New Rochelle, NY USA
Coaching Career: 1899-1932
Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame in 1937.
Playing Statistics

John McGraw compiled a record of 2763 wins and 1948 losses in his managing career with the Baltimore Orioles and New York Giants. He began managing during the 1899 season and last managed during the 1932 campaign. McGraw was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1937.

Coaching Record:

Season League Team G W L W%
1899NLBaltimore Orioles1528662.566
1901ALBaltimore Orioles1356865.504
1902NLNew York Giants652538.385
1902ALBaltimore Orioles582631.448
1903NLNew York Giants1428455.592
1904NLNew York Giants15810647.671
1905NLNew York Giants15510548.677
1906NLNew York Giants1539656.627
1907NLNew York Giants1558271.529
1908NLNew York Giants1579856.624
1909NLNew York Giants1589261.582
1910NLNew York Giants1559163.587
1911NLNew York Giants1549954.643
1912NLNew York Giants15410348.669
1913NLNew York Giants15610151.647
1914NLNew York Giants1568470.538
1915NLNew York Giants1556983.445
1916NLNew York Giants1558666.555
1917NLNew York Giants1589856.620
1918NLNew York Giants1247153.573
1919NLNew York Giants1408753.621
1920NLNew York Giants1558668.555
1921NLNew York Giants1539459.614
1922NLNew York Giants1569361.596
1923NLNew York Giants1539558.621
1924NLNew York Giants291613.552
1924NLNew York Giants814535.556
1925NLNew York Giants1065551.519
1925NLNew York Giants14104.714
1926NLNew York Giants1517477.490
1927NLNew York Giants1227052.574
1928NLNew York Giants1559361.600
1929NLNew York Giants1528467.553
1930NLNew York Giants1548767.565
1931NLNew York Giants1538765.569
1932NLNew York Giants401723.425

Statistical data from Baseball Databank, made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License