Wilbert Robinson

Wilbert Robinson
Born: June 29, 1864
Bolton, MA USA
Deceased: August 8, 1934
Atlanta, GA USA
Coaching Career: 1902-1931
Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame in 1945.
Playing Statistics

Wilbert Robinson compiled a record of 1399 wins and 1398 losses in his managing career with the Baltimore Orioles and Brooklyn Robins. He began managing during the 1902 season and last managed during the 1931 campaign. Robinson was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1945.

Coaching Record:

Season League Team G W L W%
1902ALBaltimore Orioles832457.289
1914NLBrooklyn Robins1547579.487
1915NLBrooklyn Robins1548072.519
1916NLBrooklyn Robins1569460.603
1917NLBrooklyn Robins1567081.449
1918NLBrooklyn Robins1275769.449
1919NLBrooklyn Robins1416971.489
1920NLBrooklyn Robins1559361.600
1921NLBrooklyn Robins1527775.507
1922NLBrooklyn Robins1557678.490
1923NLBrooklyn Robins1557678.490
1924NLBrooklyn Robins1549262.597
1925NLBrooklyn Robins1536885.444
1926NLBrooklyn Robins1557182.458
1927NLBrooklyn Robins1546588.422
1928NLBrooklyn Robins1557776.497
1929NLBrooklyn Robins1537083.458
1930NLBrooklyn Robins1548668.558
1931NLBrooklyn Robins1537973.516

Statistical data from Baseball Databank, made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License