Casey Stengel

Charles Dillon Stengel
Born: July 30, 1890
Kansas City, MO USA
Deceased: September 29, 1975
Glendale, CA USA
Coaching Career: 1934-1965
Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame in 1966.
Playing Statistics

Casey Stengel compiled a record of 1905 wins and 1842 losses in his managing career with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Boston Bees, Boston Braves, New York Yankees and New York Mets. He began managing during the 1934 season and last managed during the 1965 campaign. Stengel was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1966.

Coaching Record:

Season League Team G W L W%
1934NLBrooklyn Dodgers1537181.464
1935NLBrooklyn Dodgers1547083.455
1936NLBrooklyn Dodgers1566787.429
1938NLBoston Bees1537775.503
1939NLBoston Bees1526388.414
1940NLBoston Bees1526587.428
1941NLBoston Braves1566292.397
1942NLBoston Braves1505989.393
1943NLBoston Braves1074760.439
1949ALNew York Yankees1559757.626
1950ALNew York Yankees1559856.632
1951ALNew York Yankees1549856.636
1952ALNew York Yankees1549559.617
1953ALNew York Yankees1519952.656
1954ALNew York Yankees15510351.665
1955ALNew York Yankees1549658.623
1956ALNew York Yankees1549757.630
1957ALNew York Yankees1549856.636
1958ALNew York Yankees1559262.594
1959ALNew York Yankees1557975.510
1960ALNew York Yankees1559757.626
1962NLNew York Mets16140120.248
1963NLNew York Mets16251111.315
1964NLNew York Mets16353109.325
1965NLNew York Mets963164.323


1949 - ML TSN Manager of the Year
1953 - ML TSN Manager of the Year
1958 - ML TSN Manager of the Year

Statistical data from Baseball Databank, made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License