Harry Wright

William Henry Wright
Born: January 10, 1835
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Deceased: October 3, 1895
Atlantic City, NJ USA
Coaching Career: 1871-1893
Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame in 1953.
Playing Statistics

Harry Wright compiled a record of 1225 wins and 885 losses in his managing career with the Boston Red Stockings, Boston Red Caps, Providence Grays, Philadelphia Quakers and Philadelphia Phillies. He began managing during the 1871 season and last managed during the 1893 campaign. Wright was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1953.

Coaching Record:

Season League Team G W L W%
1871NABoston Red Stockings312010.645
1872NABoston Red Stockings48398.813
1873NABoston Red Stockings604316.717
1874NABoston Red Stockings715218.732
1875NABoston Red Stockings82718.866
1876NLBoston Red Caps703931.557
1877NLBoston Red Caps614218.689
1878NLBoston Red Caps604119.683
1879NLBoston Red Caps845430.643
1880NLBoston Red Caps864044.465
1881NLBoston Red Caps833845.458
1882NLProvidence Grays845232.619
1883NLProvidence Grays985840.592
1884NLPhiladelphia Quakers1133973.345
1885NLPhiladelphia Quakers1115654.505
1886NLPhiladelphia Quakers1197143.597
1887NLPhiladelphia Quakers1287548.586
1888NLPhiladelphia Quakers1326961.523
1889NLPhiladelphia Quakers1306364.485
1890NLPhiladelphia Phillies22148.636
1890NLPhiladelphia Phillies462223.478
1891NLPhiladelphia Phillies1386869.493
1892NLPhiladelphia Phillies1558766.561
1893NLPhiladelphia Phillies1337257.541

Statistical data from Baseball Databank, made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License