1980-81 National Basketball Association Standings

1980-81 National Basketball Association Teams, Rosters and Statistics
1980-81 National Basketball Association Statistical Leaders


Conference First Round - Chicago Bulls over New York Knicks 2-0
Conference First Round - Philadelphia 76ers over Indiana Pacers 2-0
Conference First Round - Houston Rockets over Los Angeles Lakers 2-1
Conference First Round - Kansas City Kings over Portland Trail Blazers 2-1
Conference Semifinals - Boston Celtics over Chicago Bulls 4-0
Conference Semifinals - Philadelphia 76ers over Milwaukee Bucks 4-3
Conference Semifinals - Kansas City Kings over Phoenix Suns 4-3
Conference Semifinals - Houston Rockets over San Antonio Spurs 4-3
Conference Finals - Boston Celtics over Philadelphia 76ers 4-3
Conference Finals - Houston Rockets over Kansas City Kings 4-1
Finals - Boston Celtics over Houston Rockets 4-2

1980-81 NBA Regular Season Standings

Atlantic Division
Boston Celtics622090088526Won NBA championship
Philadelphia 76ers622091568512Lost conference finals
New York Knicks503288498716Lost conference first round
Washington Bullets394386628661
New Jersey Nets245887689262
Central Division
Milwaukee Bucks602292768680Lost conference semi-finals
Chicago Bulls453789378775Lost conference semi-finals
Indiana Pacers443888278712Lost conference first round
Atlanta Hawks315186048858
Cleveland Cavaliers285486709068
Detroit Pistons216181748692
Midwest Division
San Antonio Spurs523092098973Lost conference semi-finals
Houston Rockets404288788851Lost finals
Kansas City Kings404287698768Lost conference finals
Denver Nuggets3745998610025
Utah Jazz285483018784
Dallas Mavericks156783229011
Pacific Division
Phoenix Suns572590198567Lost conference semi-finals
Los Angeles Lakers542891178802Lost conference first round
Portland Trail Blazers453790809007Lost conference first round
Golden State Warriors394390069103
San Diego Clippers364687378867
Seattle Supersonics344885318666


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