Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich
Coaching Career: 1996-2021

Gregg Popovich compiled a record of 1344 wins and 701 losses in his coaching career with the San Antonio Spurs. He began coaching during the 1996 season and last coached during the 2021 campaign.

San Antonio Spurs
San Antonio Spurs

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L Win% G W L Win%
1996-97NBASan Antonio Spurs641747.266
1997-98NBASan Antonio Spurs825626.683 945.444
1998-99NBASan Antonio Spurs503713.740 17152.882
1999-00NBASan Antonio Spurs825329.646 413.250
2000-01NBASan Antonio Spurs825824.707 1376.538
2001-02NBASan Antonio Spurs825824.707 1046.400
2002-03NBASan Antonio Spurs826022.732 24168.667
2003-04NBASan Antonio Spurs825725.695 1064.600
2004-05NBASan Antonio Spurs825923.720 23167.696
2005-06NBASan Antonio Spurs826319.768 1376.538
2006-07NBASan Antonio Spurs825824.707 20164.800
2007-08NBASan Antonio Spurs825626.683 1798.529
2008-09NBASan Antonio Spurs825428.659 514.200
2009-10NBASan Antonio Spurs825032.610 1046.400
2010-11NBASan Antonio Spurs826121.744 624.333
2011-12NBASan Antonio Spurs665016.758 14104.714
2012-13NBASan Antonio Spurs825824.707 21156.714
2013-14NBASan Antonio Spurs826220.756 23167.696
2014-15NBASan Antonio Spurs825527.671 734.429
2015-16NBASan Antonio Spurs826715.817 1064.600
2016-17NBASan Antonio Spurs826121.744 1688.500
2017-18NBASan Antonio Spurs824735.573
2018-19NBASan Antonio Spurs824834.585
2019-20NBASan Antonio Spurs713239.451
2020-21NBASan Antonio Spurs723339.458
2021-22NBASan Antonio Spurs823448.415
Totals20451344701.657 272166106.610


2002 - NBA Coach of the Year
2011 - NBA Coach of the Year
2013 - NBA Coach of the Year