Lenny Wilkens

Leonard Randolph Wilkens
Born: October 28, 1937
Brooklyn, NY USA
Coaching Career: 1969-2004
Elected to Basketball Hall of Fame in 1989.

Lenny Wilkens compiled a record of 2664 wins and 2310 losses in his coaching career with the Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Supersonics and Toronto Raptors. He began coaching during the 1969 season and last coached during the 2004 campaign. Wilkens was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1989.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L Win% G W L Win%
1969-70NBASeattle Supersonics823646.439
1970-71NBASeattle Supersonics823844.463
1971-72NBASeattle Supersonics824735.573
1974-75NBAPortland Trail Blazers823844.463
1975-76NBAPortland Trail Blazers823745.451
1977-78NBASeattle Supersonics604218.700 22139.591
1978-79NBASeattle Supersonics825230.634 17125.706
1979-80NBASeattle Supersonics825626.683 1578.467
1980-81NBASeattle Supersonics823448.415
1981-82NBASeattle Supersonics825230.634 835.375
1982-83NBASeattle Supersonics824834.585 202.000
1983-84NBASeattle Supersonics824240.512 523.400
1984-85NBASeattle Supersonics823151.378
1986-87NBACleveland Cavaliers823151.378
1987-88NBACleveland Cavaliers824240.512 523.400
1988-89NBACleveland Cavaliers825725.695 523.400
1989-90NBACleveland Cavaliers824240.512 523.400
1990-91NBACleveland Cavaliers823349.402
1991-92NBACleveland Cavaliers825725.695 1798.529
1992-93NBACleveland Cavaliers825428.659 936.333
1993-94NBAAtlanta Hawks825725.695 1156.455
1994-95NBAAtlanta Hawks824240.512 303.000
1995-96NBAAtlanta Hawks824636.561 1046.400
1996-97NBAAtlanta Hawks825626.683 1046.400
1997-98NBAAtlanta Hawks825032.610 413.250
1998-99NBAAtlanta Hawks503119.620 936.333
1999-00NBAAtlanta Hawks822854.341
2000-01NBAToronto Raptors824735.573 1266.500
2001-02NBAToronto Raptors824240.512 523.400
2002-03NBAToronto Raptors822458.293
2003-04NBANew York Knicks422319.548 404.000
2004-05NBANew York Knicks391722.436
Totals497426642310.536 356160196.449


1993 - NBA Coach of the Year