Chris Morris

Christopher Vernard Morris
Born: January 20, 1966
Atlanta, GA USA
Position: F
High School: Douglass
College: Auburn
Drafted: 1988, Round 1 Pick 4, #4 Overall
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 210
Career: 1988-89-1998-99

Chris Morris averaged 11.0 points, 4.7 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game in his 747-game career with the New Jersey Nets, Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz. He began playing during the 1988-89 season and last took the court during the 1998-99 campaign.

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Player Totals:

Player Pos GP GS Min FGA FGM 3PA 3PM FTA FTM Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1988-89New Jersey Nets7648209690541417564254182188209397119102601902501074
1989-90New Jersey Nets80762449106544919361316228194228422143130791852191187
1990-91New Jersey Nets7968255396240917945244179210311521220138961672481042
1991-92New Jersey Nets777423947263461102223116519929549419712981171211879
1992-93New Jersey Nets775723029074367617248197227227454106144521191711086
1993-94New Jersey Nets5027134945420314753118859113722883554952120544
1994-95New Jersey Nets714921318563513171061951421812214021478651117155950
1995-96Utah Jazz66331424606265197631279810012922977632071140691
1996-97Utah Jazz7319772991221133154393712516243292445121314
1997-98Utah Jazz541538207856219614435791142425173361233
1998-99Phoenix Suns442535149645616464054671212316112154184

Player Averages:

Player Pos GP GS MPG FG% 3P% FT% Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1988-89New Jersey Nets764827.645.736.671.
1989-90New Jersey Nets807630.642.231.672.
1990-91New Jersey Nets796832.342.525.
1991-92New Jersey Nets777431.147.720.
1992-93New Jersey Nets775729.948.122.479.
1993-94New Jersey Nets502727.044.736.
1994-95New Jersey Nets714930.041.033.472.
1995-96Utah Jazz663321.643.732.
1996-97Utah Jazz73113.440.827.472.
1997-98Utah Jazz54110.041.130.672.
1998-99Phoenix Suns44212.243.028.687.

Postseason - Player Totals:

Player Pos GP Min FGA FGM 3PA 3PM FTA FTM Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1991-92New Jersey Nets41355832104971192057781175
1992-93New Jersey Nets5163613416612111319327863885
1993-94New Jersey Nets4984312203101011112275561437
1995-96Utah Jazz183211064537101612244670191381425112
1996-97Utah Jazz2017550202581595273258361857
1997-98Utah Jazz172406928237201483947105383877
1998-99Phoenix Suns110221120011000015

Postseason Player Averages:

Player Pos GP MPG FG% 3P% FT% Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1991-92New Jersey Nets433.855.
1992-93New Jersey Nets532.655.737.591.
1993-94New Jersey Nets424.527.915.0100.
1995-96Utah Jazz1817.842.527.
1996-97Utah Jazz208.840.
1997-98Utah Jazz1714.140.630.470.
1998-99Phoenix Suns110.0100.0100.