Jamaal Wilkes

Jamaal Abdul-Lateef Wilkes , "Silk, Keith"
Born: May 2, 1953
Berkeley, CA USA
Position: F-G
High School: Ventura/SantaBarbara
College: UCLA
Drafted: 1974, Round 1 Pick 11, #11 Overall
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 190
Career: 1974-75-1985-86
Elected to Basketball Hall of Fame in 2012.

Jamaal Wilkes averaged 17.7 points, 6.2 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game in his 828-game career with the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers. He began playing during the 1974-75 season and last took the court during the 1985-86 campaign. Wilkes was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2012.

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Player Totals:

Player Pos GP GS Min FGA FGM 3PA 3PM FTA FTM Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1974-75Golden State Warriors82025151135502002181602034686711831072202221164
1975-76Golden State Warriors82027161334617002942271935277201671023102221461
1976-77Golden State Warriors76025791147548003102471554235782111271602221343
1977-78Los Angeles Lakers5101490630277001481061132673801827722107162660
1978-79Los Angeles Lakers8202915124262600362272164445609227134272242751524
1979-80Los Angeles Lakers82031111358726173234189176349525250129281572201644
1980-81Los Angeles Lakers81030281495786131335254146289435235121292072231827
1981-82Los Angeles Lakers8282290614177444033624615324039314389241642401734
1982-83Los Angeles Lakers8080255212906846026820314619734318265171502211571
1983-84Los Angeles Lakers7574250710555428228020813021034021472411372051294
1984-85Los Angeles Lakers428761303148106651355994411934965347
1985-86Los Angeles Clippers13119565263127221316291572161975

Player Averages:

Player Pos GP GS MPG FG% 3P% FT% Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1974-75Golden State Warriors82030.744.
1975-76Golden State Warriors82033.146.377.
1976-77Golden State Warriors76033.947.879.
1977-78Los Angeles Lakers51029.
1978-79Los Angeles Lakers82035.550.475.
1979-80Los Angeles Lakers82037.953.517.680.
1980-81Los Angeles Lakers81037.452.67.775.
1981-82Los Angeles Lakers828235.452.
1982-83Los Angeles Lakers808031.953.
1983-84Los Angeles Lakers757433.451.425.
1984-85Los Angeles Lakers42818.
1985-86Los Angeles Clippers13115.040.033.381.

Postseason - Player Totals:

Player Pos GP Min FGA FGM 3PA 3PM FTA FTM Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1974-75Golden State Warriors17503249111047333089119282614053255
1975-76Golden State Warriors134502008604535257810329128033207
1976-77Golden State Warriors10346154660282318628016166023155
1977-78Los Angeles Lakers31083215011691726831111436
1978-79Los Angeles Lakers83071286103725204868161521521147
1979-80Los Angeles Lakers16652294140154445375128482453551324
1980-81Los Angeles Lakers311348211181244841141054
1981-82Los Angeles Lakers1453524112114938403070371634043280
1982-83Los Angeles Lakers15589273136244274248905120113351299
1983-84Los Angeles Lakers141967028111710162694272763

Postseason Player Averages:

Player Pos GP MPG FG% 3P% FT% Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1974-75Golden State Warriors1729.644.670.
1975-76Golden State Warriors1334.643.
1976-77Golden State Warriors1034.642.982.
1977-78Los Angeles Lakers336.046.954.
1978-79Los Angeles Lakers838.447.767.
1979-80Los Angeles Lakers1640.847.
1980-81Los Angeles Lakers337.743.
1981-82Los Angeles Lakers1438.
1982-83Los Angeles Lakers1539.349.
1983-84Los Angeles Lakers1414.


1974 - NBA Rookie of the Year
1975 - NBA All-Defensive Second Team
1976 - NBA All-Defensive Second Team