Darren Arbet

Darren Arbet
Born: July 3, 1967
Stockton, CA
College: Sacramento State
Coaching Career: 1999-2015
Playing statistics

Darren Arbet compiled a record of 168 wins and 72 losses in his coaching career with the San Jose SaberCats. He began coaching during the 1999 season and last coached during the 2015 campaign.

San Jose SaberCats
San Jose SaberCats

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T Win% G W L Win%
1999Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats14680.429
2000Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats141220.857 211.500
2001Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats141040.714 211.500
2002Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats141310.929 3301.000
2003Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats161240.750 211.500
2004Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats161150.688 3301.000
2005Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats16970.563 101.000
2006Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats161060.625 211.500
2007Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats161330.813 3301.000
2008Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats161150.688 321.667
2011Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats166100.375
2012Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats181260.667 101.000
2013Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats181350.722 101.000
2014Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats18135.722 211.500
2015Arena LeagueSan Jose SaberCats181710.944 3301.000
Totals240168720.700 28199.679


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