Marty Schottenheimer

Martin Edward Schottenheimer
Born: September 23, 1943
Canonsburg, PA USA
College: Pittsburgh
High School: Fort Cherry (McDonald, PA)
Coaching Career: 1984-2011
Playing statistics

Marty Schottenheimer compiled a record of 203 wins and 127 losses and 1 ties in his coaching career with the Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers and Virginia Destroyers. He began coaching during the 1984 season and last coached during the 2011 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T Win% G W L Win%
1984NFLCleveland Browns8440.500
1985NFLCleveland Browns16880.500 101.000
1986NFLCleveland Browns161240.750 211.500
1987NFLCleveland Browns151050.667 211.500
1988NFLCleveland Browns161060.625 101.000
1989NFLKansas City Chiefs16871.531
1990NFLKansas City Chiefs161150.688 101.000
1991NFLKansas City Chiefs161060.625 211.500
1992NFLKansas City Chiefs161060.625 101.000
1993NFLKansas City Chiefs161150.688 321.667
1994NFLKansas City Chiefs16970.563 101.000
1995NFLKansas City Chiefs161330.813 101.000
1996NFLKansas City Chiefs16970.563
1997NFLKansas City Chiefs161330.813 101.000
1998NFLKansas City Chiefs16790.438
2001NFLWashington Redskins16880.500
2002NFLSan Diego Chargers16880.500
2003NFLSan Diego Chargers164120.250
2004NFLSan Diego Chargers161240.750 101.000
2005NFLSan Diego Chargers16970.563
2006NFLSan Diego Chargers161420.875 101.000
2011UFLVirginia Destroyers4310.750
Totals3312031271.615 18513.278


2004 - AP NFL Coach of the Year