Lui Passaglia

Lui Passaglia
Born: June 7, 1954
Vancouver, BC
Position: P/K
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180
College: Simon Fraser
High School: Notre Dame (Vancouver, BC)
Career: 1976-2000

Lui Passaglia played from 1976 to 2000 during his career with the BC Lions. Passaglia kicked 875 field goals in 1203 attempts, a 72.7 percent success rate, over his career.

BC Lions
BC Lions

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Year Team Att Comp Comp % Yds Yds/Att TDs TD % Ints Int % Long Rating
1976CFL BC Lions2150.0189.000.000.018 81.3
1977CFL BC Lions2150.0115.500.000.011 66.7
1978CFL BC Lions2150.094.500.000.062.5
1980CFL BC Lions2150.
1982CFL BC Lions11100.01717.000.000.017 118.8
1983CFL BC Lions200.000.000.0150.00.0
1984CFL BC Lions22100.02613.000.000.014 118.8
1986CFL BC Lions2150.02613.000.0150.026 56.3
1987CFL BC Lions4250.0235.800.000.015 67.7
1989CFL BC Lions4375.013032.5125.000.089 156.3
1990CFL BC Lions11100.02525.000.000.025 118.8
1991CFL BC Lions100.000.000.01100.00.0
1992CFL BC Lions200.
1993CFL BC Lions11100.01212.000.000.012 116.7
1994CFL BC Lions11100.
1996CFL BC Lions22100.09547.500.000.057 118.8
1997CFL BC Lions2150.0-3-1.500.0150.0-3 16.7
1998CFL BC Lions11100.01717.000.000.017 118.8
1999CFL BC Lions11100.02020.000.000.020 118.8
2000CFL BC Lions4375.04010.000.000.023 106.3


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1984CFL BC Lions111.00
1985CFL BC Lions28643.068 0
1986CFL BC Lions2189.015 0
1988CFL BC Lions11212.012 0
1989CFL BC Lions23819.025 0
1990CFL BC Lions2178.510 0
1991CFL BC Lions1-13-13.00
1992CFL BC Lions11616.016 0
1995CFL BC Lions23316.518 0
1996CFL BC Lions1-2-2.0-2 0
2000CFL BC Lions111.01
Totals1620712.968 1


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1976CFL BC Lions11010.010 1
Totals11010.010 1


Year Team X/CA X/CM X/CP % FGA FGM FG % FGS KO Yds. Avg. Long KOS Pts.
1976CFL BC Lions2828100.0492857.1753253147.8750119
1977CFL BC Lions3030100.0534075.5270422960.4761153
1978CFL BC Lions3030100.0443784.1668414861.0883150
1979CFL BC Lions2727100.0453271.1652306659.0701130
1980CFL BC Lions3838100.0463167.41156343661.4792144
1981CFL BC Lions4242100.0402767.51066399460.5905138
1982CFL BC Lions4545100.0352674.3827129948.1630131
1983CFL BC Lions464597.8594372.91069381555.3821185
1984CFL BC Lions4646100.0483572.91170383454.8701163
1985CFL BC Lions4949100.0553767.31476438157.6902176
1986CFL BC Lions3434100.0563969.613525350.6570164
1987CFL BC Lions4747100.0665278.8591487653.6931209
1988CFL BC Lions3131100.0201365.0650245649.162076
1989CFL BC Lions5252100.0513772.56100520252.0812171
1990CFL BC Lions3333100.0392564.1744217949.5670115
1991CFL BC Lions6767100.0594474.6935166347.5600208
1992CFL BC Lions3838100.0382873.7658279048.1720128
1993CFL BC Lions6262100.0473574.5788394144.8640174
1994CFL BC Lions4949100.0362877.8345227450.5670136
1995CFL BC Lions515098.0624572.671152948.1580192
1996CFL BC Lions4040100.0533667.96310434.7530154
1997CFL BC Lions4343100.0453577.8334113.7180151
1998CFL BC Lions3030100.0665278.8451284355.7921191
1999CFL BC Lions403997.5473063.8722914.5150136
2000CFL BC Lions5050100.0444090.92724535.0730172


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long PS
1976CFL BC Lions143591341.3673
1977CFL BC Lions123545644.4784
1978CFL BC Lions128596646.6829
1979CFL BC Lions133628747.37314
1980CFL BC Lions128554443.3813
1981CFL BC Lions141648746.0766
1982CFL BC Lions142581340.9593
1983CFL BC Lions117586850.2936
1984CFL BC Lions125580346.4894
1985CFL BC Lions140628744.9769
1986CFL BC Lions137568641.5682
1987CFL BC Lions161663141.2975
1988CFL BC Lions101404940.1717
1989CFL BC Lions154634541.2674
1990CFL BC Lions81316939.1601
1991CFL BC Lions111460841.5712
1992CFL BC Lions119479940.3623
1993CFL BC Lions116461639.8712
1994CFL BC Lions69275639.9791
1995CFL BC Lions133512938.6582
1996CFL BC Lions131549241.9652
1997CFL BC Lions114470341.3764
1998CFL BC Lions130573644.1756
1999CFL BC Lions140588242.0757
2000CFL BC Lions124480738.8572

Punt Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1979CFL BC Lions122.00

Kick Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1976CFL BC Lions14444.044 0
Totals14444.044 0

Missed Field Goal Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1990CFL BC Lions11010.0100
Totals11010.010 0

Defense and Fumbles:

Year Team Tackle Def ST Brup Fum F Rec FYds FTD FF
1991CFL BC Lions303
1992CFL BC Lions100
1993CFL BC Lions101
1994CFL BC Lions202
1997CFL BC Lions101
1998CFL BC Lions312

Total Scoring:

Touchdowns Other Total
Year Team Rush Rec Punt Kick MFG Int Fum Other FG X/C Single 2Pt Saf Points
1976CFL BC Lions100282810128
1977CFL BC Lions040307157
1978CFL BC Lions0373018159
1979CFL BC Lions00322721144
1980CFL BC Lions0313816147
1981CFL BC Lions0274221144
1982CFL BC Lions0264511134
1983CFL BC Lions0434517191
1984CFL BC Lions00354616167
1985CFL BC Lions00374925185
1986CFL BC Lions00393415166
1987CFL BC Lions0524711214
1988CFL BC Lions0013311383
1989CFL BC Lions00375212175
1990CFL BC Lions00025338116
1991CFL BC Lions00446711210
1992CFL BC Lions00028389131
1993CFL BC Lions035629176
1994CFL BC Lions028494137
1995CFL BC Lions0045509194
1996CFL BC Lions0036408156
1997CFL BC Lions035437155
1998CFL BC Lions0523011197
1999CFL BC Lions0303914143
2000CFL BC Lions1040504180

Playing Career:

Year League Team GP GS
1976CFLBC Lions160
1977CFLBC Lions160
1978CFLBC Lions160
1979CFLBC Lions160
1980CFLBC Lions160
1981CFLBC Lions160
1982CFLBC Lions160
1983CFLBC Lions160
1984CFLBC Lions160
1985CFLBC Lions160
1986CFLBC Lions150
1987CFLBC Lions180
1988CFLBC Lions120
1989CFLBC Lions180
1990CFLBC Lions130
1991CFLBC Lions180
1992CFLBC Lions150
1993CFLBC Lions170
1994CFLBC Lions140
1995CFLBC Lions180
1996CFLBC Lions180
1997CFLBC Lions180
1998CFLBC Lions180
1999CFLBC Lions180
2000CFLBC Lions180


1977 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1979 - CFL CFL All-CFL
1979 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1980 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1983 - CFL CFL All-CFL
1983 - CFL CFL All-CFL
1983 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1983 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1984 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1984 - CFL CFL All-CFL
1992 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1998 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1999 - CFL CFL West All-Star
2000 - CFL CFL All-CFL
2000 - CFL CFLPA All-Star
2000 - CFL CFL West All-Star


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