1950 Austin Pioneers Roster

Big State League (BSL) - Class: B
Team Record: 52-94
8th in the BSL
Manager: Prince Oana (0-0), Lefty Sarver (0-0)
Location: Austin, Texas
Ballpark: Disch-Falk Field
Attendance: 116,941, Avg. 1,602
1950 Austin Pioneers Statistics

The Austin Pioneers of the Big State League ended the 1950 season with a record of 52 wins and 94 losses, eighth in the BSL.

The Pioneers scored 612 runs, worst in the league, and surrendered 794 runs.

Prince Oana played in Major League Baseball during his career, the only member of the Austin Pioneers to do so.

Prince Oana and Lefty Sarver served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Tom WhiteLR5'11"170
Bill MonahanRRDecember 3, 19256'1"180Los Angeles, CA US
Roger MayLLJuly 23, 19296'0"185
Raymond MartinezRRFebruary 18, 19265'10"180South Colton, CA US
Al LawrenceRJuly 5, 19216'0"185San Leandro, CA US
Art KuehlLLNovember 20, 19206'0"185Riesel, TX US
Ed GrahamRRDecember 8, 19236'2"200Hayden, AZ US
Jim GodfreyLLAugust 2, 19235'11"154
Jim FinksAugust 31, 1927192St. Louis, MO US
Elton DavisRR6'1"195
Oran DavisLRApril 22, 19256'0"185Alice, TX US
Roland CyrMarch 2, 1923192Biddeford, ME US
Rocco CardinaleRRJune 16, 19275'11"200San Francisco, CA US
Fred CampbellR6'0"178
Richard BrownL5'9"180
Albert BowerLR5'8"172
Billy AshleyLMay 17, 19286'0"175
Elwood MooreRRJuly 23, 19175'11"160
Robert MurphyS6'2"180
Joe NicholasRRApril 26, 19236'0"170Hayward, CA US
William WalkerR
Jack WadsworthRSeptember 21, 19256'2"175Fort Worth, TX US
Robert SwansonRRFebruary 3, 19236'1"170Buffalo, NY US
Ed SudolRRSeptember 13, 19206'3"193Passaic, NJ US
Louis StoopsRDecember 11, 19316'1"165Cape Girardeau, MO US
Lefty SarverLJuly 1, 19206'0"165
Edward SantulliRRApril 21, 19256'1"175Bronx, NY US
William SandersL5'9"175
Ray SandersR5'11"170
Manny SalvatierraRRMarch 2, 19175'10"175Veracruz, Veracruz MX
Edward RzendzianR5'11"182
Robert PugatchR6'2"185
William PerkinsL5'10"180
Burke O'RourkeRRSeptember 29, 19275'10"153Wharton, TX US
Prince OanaRRJanuary 22, 19106'2"193Waipahu, HI US
Edward NortonRR6'3"180
Phillip AlottaRRMay 6, 19256'0"180

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