1885 Birmingham Roster

Southern League (SL)
Team Record: 18-76
in the SL
Manager: W. H. Merritt (18-76)
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Ballpark: The Slag Pile

1885 Birmingham Statistics

The Birmingham of the Southern League ended the 1885 season with a record of 18 wins and 76 losses

W. H. Merritt served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Jack Ahern
Fred Merritt
B. K. Morrison
John Murphy
William Murphy
Charlie ParsonsLLJuly 18, 18635'10"160Cherry Flats, PA US
William Phinney
Charlie ReisingAugust 28, 1861Lanesville, IN US
William Roche
John Schwartz
Harry SmithRRFebruary 5, 18566'0"175North Vernon, IN US
Jim TrayFebruary 14, 18605'11"180Jackson, MI US
G. H. Weakley
Frank McLaughlinRR5'9"160, IE
James McCue
Al McCauleyLLMarch 4, 18636'0"180Indianapolis, IN US
Charlie BarberRR5'10"148Philadelphia, PA US
Frank BishopSeptember 21, 1856Belvidere, IL US
Joseph BohannonDecember 28, 1858St. Louis, MO US
John Capehart
Phil CoridanLAugust 19, 1858Walpole, IN US
William Crossley
Bill GeissJuly 15, 18585'10"164Chicago, IL US
D. W. Harrison
Johnny Lavin5'11"175Troy, NY US
W. B. Leighton
Marshall LockeMarch 12, 1857Ashland, OH US

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