1922 Bloomington Bloomers Roster

Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League (IIIL) - Class: B
Team Record: 63-75
6th in the IIIL
Manager: Earl Sykes (63-75)
Location: Bloomington, Illinois
Ballpark: Fans Field

1922 Bloomington Bloomers Statistics

The Bloomington Bloomers of the Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League ended the 1922 season with a record of 63 wins and 75 losses, sixth in the IIIL.

Earl Sykes served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Red AinsworthAugust 7, 1890189Pittsburgh, PA US
Guy MorrisonRRAugust 29, 18955'11"185Hinton, WV US
Wheat OrcuttMarch 19, 1891189Charleston, WV US
Buddy Robinson
Frank RomineJanuary 21, 1885
George Stewart
Earl Sykes
Kirtley Tewell
Fred Wasem
Ray Woodworth
Don Magill
Orson Howard
Mack AllisonRRJanuary 23, 18876'1"185Owensboro, KY US
Fred BaldyRRJanuary 16, 19055'8"165
Elmer Berg
Dave CallahanLRJuly 20, 18885'10"165Seneca, IL US
John Fitzpatrick
Pat HardgroveRRMay 10, 18955'10"158Palmyra, KS US
Pat HarkinsDecember 25, 1892Wilkes-Barre, PA US
William Holloway
Randolph Young

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